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[2009-04-05] - New Video: teensandtoys.wmv
[2009-04-04] - New Frontpagegirl, Miss April!
[2009-03-08] - New video: Amateur.Doggie.Style.01.mpg. More to come!
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[2008-12-01] - New frontpagegirl, Mrs. December!
[2008-12-01] - New vids: Hot_Arab_girl/Teen.Alina/PrivateCastings30Lilou/Amateur.Teen.18.gefick.heisse.Schlampe
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[2008-11-01] - New frontpagegirl, lovely Mrs. November! New vids: Hot.blonde.riding.a.fucking.machine.avi / Hot.Spain.Girl.hard.fucked.mpeg
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[2008-09-03] - New Video (Asian Bitch fucked outside)
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[2008-08-27] - Gina Lisa Lohfink Sextape

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